How much do you charge for a window? That is a loaded question if we’ve ever heard one. This is not as simple as saying a window is $899 installed or…$189 installed. But wait, you say that you see ads all the time for $189 installed. Isn’t that how much windows cost? Not exactly. These ads are VERY misleading and simply designed to get the salesman in the door. When any company typically advertises an INSTALLED price, this is usually a good indicator that the company subcontracts the work because they are paid by the window.

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At Window Perfections, we are honored to give you a Free consultation on your window project. For us to do this, we need to LOOK at your particular job. We need to Discover what your wants and needs are, measure the windows, see EXACTLY what’s important to you; then pick a style, and desired options. After that, we can calculate labor, man hours, materials and then we can tell you exactly what the total package investment will be. We even have flexible payment options as well. The best part is…you won’t be dealing with a high-pressure, commissioned, window sales rep. The Owner will personally come out and meet with you in the comfort of your home. You will get to meet a windowologist that truly cares about your best interest not their agenda.